Hyderabadi Biriani


I’ve made biriani/biryani many times before but have never been 100% happy with the results and have found it a little time consuming to make. That was until someone pointed me in the direction of this recipe for Hyderabadi Biriani (the link will take you to a Youtube video of the vahrehvah.com chef making the biriani). The method for making the biriani is simplicity itself but there is certainly no compromise on the taste!

All you need to do is marinade the chicken pieces in yogurt and spices for a few hours, semi-cook some basamati rice and then transfer it all to a large pot. I used my dutch oven (cast iron, enamelled pot). First empty the chicken into the pot along with it’s marinade, cover with the half-cooked rice, sprinkle some saffron water (I also added a few drops of red and yellow food colouring) top with a scattering of fried onions and mint leaves  and then leave to cook for around half an hour. In that short amount of time your chicken and rice will transform into a beautifully aromatic biriani.

I did find that the chicken stuck a little to the bottom of the pot so I intend to try baking in the oven next time. Hubby also asked me to leave out the mint leaves next time. In all though, I was really pleased to have made a quick, easy and authentic looking and tasting biriani! Top marks!


7 thoughts on “Hyderabadi Biriani

  1. MuslimWife (UmmK)

    Hyderabadi biriyani is of course the most flavorful of all biriyani, if I do say so myself, heh 😉 Masha’allah, great job! But I will say authentic Hydro recipes usually includes a fried onion paste (that we use in many dishes) that is used along with the yogurt and chicken layer. I didn’t watch the video (but I do love that website!), did he include that step? Also, to help keep chicken from sticking on the bottom, we also divide up the layers of rice…half on bottom, then the meat layer and other half of rice on top. Either way though, yours looks delicious and is making my mouth water!! I’ve basically stopped updating my blog and just keep checking yours daily for updates instead! 🙂

    1. Umm Ibrahim Post author

      Hehehe… UmmK I thought you might approve. 😉 In the video he added fried onions (not paste) to the marinade and also on top of the rice before cooking. Do you fry onions and store them? I had to quickly fry some onion while making the marinade.

      Keep updating your blog!!

  2. heni


    since dh came back from Dubai been raving about Asian cooking. Not my expertise but willing to try – looks like a dish to try since I love spices and also basmati rice!

    1. Umm Ibrahim Post author

      Salaams Henia –

      Do try, it is very easy since there is no need to make a curry first as I have done in the past when maing biriani. Just the marinade which takes less than 5 minutes!

      The recipe is on the vahrehvah website too here but just use this as a guideline. I didn’t use all the spices mentioned and some I used in different quantities.

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